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Painting Questions & Answers

What brushes do you use?

We use predominately Zachery brushes. I recommend the 2 ˝ inch slim brush, it doesn’t hold too much paint and because the size of the housing of the bristles is thinner, it makes it easier to cut around many different things.

What is the deal with primer and paint all in one?

Primer and paint is a relatively new concept and most companies are getting on the band wagon to put out one of their own products. To be honest, the paint could probably do the same job as the primer, however do not confuse better adhesion with better coverage! Just because a paint adheres better does not mean that it will also cover better especially the deeper colors ie: reds and yellows. The primary job of primer is to seal the drywall and provides a even color surface from which to work there by eliminating the possibility of flashing. Primer can be tinted and is easier to sand than paint.

What are the steps to painting?

Everyone has their own way of approaching a job, however there are certain steps that should never be compromised. Walls/ceilings should be primed, sanded, painted, sanded and then finish coat of paint. The sanding provides a smooth wall and gets rid of any imperfections in the wall from over spray and or over sanding of drywall seams.

What is flashing?

Flashing is a term used when you can see a spot on a wall that has been touched up/painted over especially when light streams down the wall.

Why do darker colors take so many coats?

Darker colors are usually mixed in what is called a clear base to get the truest color possible. Unlike the lighter colors which are mixed in white bases. There are different bases besides these two, however I will only mention these for now. White bases if you open the can look like milk and the color is added to this mixture, so you could see how these colors would be able cover really well. You are adding colorant to something that already has color. Clear bases on the other hand look like water when you look into the can and there is less of it in the can. This is because to get a true red for instance, you have to add a lot of colorant to clear to make that color. If you were to add it to a white base, you can imagine that you would end up getting a pink color. So because dark color start with a clear base the coverage is significantly less and thereby requires more than two coats of paint. 




VOC stands for "volatile organic compounds". These are the  carbon-based solvents that make paint spreadable, keep it from freezing and make it stick to the wall. On the down side, they evaporate into the atmosphere, contributing to greenhouse gases and ill health in humans.

Black Sheep Painting uses top quality, high performing paints that are healthier for you and the environment.